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1-to-1 Personal Training for Weight-Loss & Toning

Achieve weight-loss and muscle tone through our safe & sustainable science-based approach for your training & diet.

Are you experiencing any of these?

Measuring Waist

Overweight & unable to fit into old clothes

Stressed Man

Unsure how to start training on your own

Vegas Scream

Feeling lethargic most of the time

Woman Cooking in Kitchen

Tried various fad diets & failed

Success Story

Rachel Before & After.png

Rachel, Undergrad, 21

I have always wanted to lose weight but the workouts that I did by myself which were mainly cardio, did not work and I was not seeing any results. My weight was stagnant even if I was exercising almost every day for the past year or so.


Training with Fabian was a very good experience. He was non-judgmental and always encouraging for every single training session. He was very patient as a trainer and always came to sessions with a smile on his face which made me look forward to training sessions and made them pass by in a flash. Fabian took into consideration my fitness goals and abilities and specifically tailored a training regime for me which worked wonders. He was very clear in his explanations of exercises, giving demonstrations and explanations on exactly which muscles were worked. I gained a lot of useful knowledge about fitness, exercise and diet which I was never exposed to and which I will continue to draw upon for the rest of my life. During training sessions, he always motivated me to perform to the best of my ability, pushing me to my limit while also being understanding and patient.

I am now aware of the importance of certain exercises and diet and the impact they have on the body. I have also gained a lot of knowledge on the proper form of certain exercises. For results, I lost about 10kg at the end of the training sessions with Fabian and managed to change my body composition successfully.


Before Fabian, I focused mainly on cardio workouts and did not pay attention to the type of food and portion that I consumed. However, Fabian’s expertise and knowledge changed my lifestyle and made me realize the importance of strength training, macronutrients and portioning of food.


I would definitely recommend Fabian’s services to others as the experience was truly an invaluable one. The knowledge I learnt are things that I would definitely use in the future regardless of what my fitness goals may be. Fabian is definitely one of the best trainers out there and I guarantee that others would not regret employing his services as the results speak for themselves.

*Results may vary based on each client's physical health, diet, exercise and adherence to the FAB program


 Individualised training program
 Science-based & sustainable approach
 Nutritional assessment & planning
 Utmost professionalism & dedication
 Superior motivation
No extreme/fad diets




We will travel to your location! Train directly at your condominium gym, home, outdoor park, hotel gym or even near your workplace so you can save precious commuting time.


Enjoy complete privacy at our bespoke gym studio that is solely dedicated for your 1-on-1 training session! 

Fit Woman

Ready to take that first step towards the new FAB you?

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