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Sports Massage Therapy with FAB

Rejuvenate your body with our tailored FAB approach towards the treatment of your soft tissue injuries along with a strength & conditioning program to keep you in optimal form


Difference Between Sports Massage Therapy And Normal Massage


✓ Injury prevention & assist in recovery

✓ Deep targeted pressure to specific muscles & problematic regions

✓  Involves techniques such as joint mobilisation, manual therapy, trigger point release, deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, active & PNF stretching


✓ For general soothing experience 

✓ Focuses on full-body relaxation

✓ Softer and general pressure

Our Clients Say

"It's my first time trying sports massage and Fabian really made a huge difference in my tight shoulders & back! Very strong targeted pressure and he even taught me some stretching techniques & exercises. Highly recommended!" 

Angeline, Housewife, 32

"I thought I had some sort of rotator cuff injury on my right shoulder. However after consultation with Fabian, he found it was caused by other tight muscles which made sense after he explained. Felt an immediate difference after our session!"

Joseph, IT Analyst, 40

"Came to Fabian after suffering a strained lower back for over a week and he was able to treat the issue within just 1 session and I left completely pain free!"

Sally, Homemaker, 59


 Exclusive space in our private 1-to-1 studio
 In-depth private consultation
 Tailored treatment for areas of concern
 Soft tissue release, myofascial release, manual therapy, trigger point release, joint mobilisation, deep tissue massage, active & PNF stretching
 Utmost professionalism


Enjoy 40% off our FAB personalised massage therapy on your first visit!

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